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2 Ways to Rise Up From Breast Cancer (Part 2)

Focus on Telling an Empowering Story

Our stories have power. They shape our understanding of the world, they help us to understand ourselves, and they help others to understand who we are and what we do. We craft and shape our stories, and they shift and change over the course of our lives. When we get them right, and we totally love our own story… magic happens. ~Chris-Anne

The story you tell yourself and others about your breast cancer journey has a huge impact on your experience of breast cancer. Tell an empowering story that embodies your strengths, self-love & hope, and that inspires you when you to are struggling, in pain, feeling the feels, etc.

Here's the story I tell about my breast cancer journey. Breast cancer was an opportunity for me to:

  • learn and grow

  • realize how strong I am

  • deepen my relationship with myself and others

  • discover my life purpose

  • build my resilience

  • be brave

  • love myself unconditionally

  • listen to my body

  • pay attention to my self talk

  • build self-awareness

  • speak kindly to myself

  • be proud of how I show up for myself

  • focus on what is within my control

  • keep things in perspective

  • decide on purpose what I want to think of the circumstances (breast cancer) in my life

YOUR TURN: What story do you want to tell about your breast cancer journey? Write down your story and start sharing with with others.

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