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Rise Up From Breast Cancer means to:
  • Approach your diagnosis, treatment and recovery with an attitude of acceptance. This doesn't mean that you like what's happening, it means that you are not resisting it, you are facing the truth of what's happening, with love and compassion towards yourself. You can do this by practicing mindfulness - building greater awareness of the moment-to-moment experience of your mind and body. 

  • Direct your mind to think of yourself in strong, positive ways. This means to focus on your positive personality traits, your character strengths (such as perseverance, hope, bravery, gratitude and love). We all have 24 character strengths and you can use them to help you navigate all aspects of your breast cancer journey. ​This is key because our negativity bias causes us to focus on our weaknesses and what we think is wrong, but this way of thinking blocks us from rising up.

Check out this video to learn about character strengths!​

In summary, the key to Rising Up is practicing mindfulness and using your unique combination of character strengths!

Rise Up Services


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Rise Up Workshop Series

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Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice

This 8-week program is about engaging more deeply with life so you can Rise Up From Breast Cancer. 

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